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Founded by Nikhil Shivakumar, Easy Desk Solutions (EDS) is an information technology services company that specializes in providing just-in time technical services. EDS strives to provide high quality technical services with concentrated focus on payment of service (POS) system, desktop and laptop support.

We focus on services such as Break and fix, IMAC (Installs, Moves, Adds and Changes), professional laptop services and other general IT field service requirements.

Our goal is to foster and maintain solid relationship with our clients and continue developing innovative business solutions that improve the way you do business.

Providing round the clock services is only one of our unique abilities. Talk to us to find more!

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Our Comprehensive Services

Intelligent IT Solutions

Network Services

We offer network troubleshooting services. Be it installing a new Server, Switch or router. We will be available to assist with the installs. We carry different types of network cables to ensure availability if there is a need during the service call

Break Fix Service Calls

We offer Break\Fix services for POS Systems, Kiosks, Vending Machines, Laptops and more. You can depend on us to provide quality service while onsite.

Infrastructure Management

Need a new Helpdesk or a Support team setup. We can create this using industry standard tools and also assist with training of staff if required to ensure Quality is of the highest standards for your customers. In addition, We can setup a Monitoring service using Thruk or Nagios to ensure server updates are available real time

IMAC Services

Depend on us for all IMAC requests for a clean and easy move or renovation. We will ensure all old devices are removed or changed carefully with detail to ensure the setup lasts longer.

Desktop\Laptop Repairs

We can perform repairs or part replacements on any laptop you may have an issue with. We can assist with troubleshooting and ordering required parts if warranty is valid. We can offer advise on the requests that can be made with your laptop provider to ensure all services are timely

Kiosk Maintenance and Service

Kiosks are an upgrade in this word which is moving towards automation. We are available to perform timely maintenance or repairs on Kiosk systems. We have experience working with post office Kiosk, Restaurant Kiosks or Courier Kiosks available in the market.

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